About The Profitable Performer Program


The Profitable Performer is for performing artists who are wanting to get inspired build confidence in their marketing and business skills to get more gigs and earn more money doing what they love – performing!

Newly established, and sometimes established, performers often find themselves struggling for their next gig and spend most of the time hustling and chasing their tails on social media with little to no response and have gigs that are fewer than desired (I know, I’ve been there too).

My mission is simple: to help you learn the Branding, Marketing and Business hacks you need to get more gigs and have producers coming to you. Because if you are like me, you didn’t learn this in your dance classes, you find it tricky to see what’s happening behind the scenes, you're just not sure about marketing yourself as an artist, social media algorithms? forget it!

I want to help as many performers as I can get more work and build performer careers with an easy to follow blueprint.

The Profitable Performer Program has 3 modules that build on your BTS skills to help you become the most successful performer you can be!

Module 1: Building Your Brand – Who are you as a performer?
Module 2: Boosting your Persona – Getting the word out in marketing.
Module 3: Business Skills – learning all the BTS skills to make money.


The Profitable Performer Program has options for any budget. There is the digital one-on-one coaching program, single Zoom coaching sessions, handbooks and digital lectures with notes so you can choose your own pace of learning and budget.

If you're sick of feeling lost and not knowing who you are, and you just want to level up: let's develop our marketing and business skills to get more gigs together!

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GET READY!! 'Cause I am giving away more knowledge and expertise than I have ever before on my social media platforms! Regular live sessions and daily tips (both FB and IG), plus stacks of inspiration, information and activities to get a complete picture of you as a performer and art business. 

Learn the tricks of the trade to get you in the forefront of producer's, agent's and employer's minds!

The Profitable Performer Group (on Facebook) is a tight knit group of artists who are serious and ready to learn the skills to motivate each other, delve into respectful discussions and develop marketing and business understanding, and build their arts career. It's also a place to connect with other artists and get inspired!
It's complete FREE to join! So click on the button to the right to join the Facebook group to learn some tips, tricks and marketing hacks to get more gigs!

I also have an Instagram account with all the tips and tricks in one (its a place to get your daily visual fix and extra links to useful accounts)  - make sure you follow by clicking the button over here --> 

So this is all sounding great so far, but you want to know a little more about the different product options you can get?

Check out the Prices Page for a brief description of the products offered at The Profitable Performer - if something tickles your fancy, you can click the button next to the description to purchase or you can send me an email at camillacreamburlesque@gmail.com