It's no surprise that feather fans are Camilla's specialty.  Most routines she has involve a gorgeous set of large feather fans. All routines have alluring sensuality and connection with the audience.

She has a range of acts for your next show, corporate function, birthday or event! Scroll through the page to find the one that works for you! Then send an inquiry message through the 'Contact' page or email:

You can view all of her acts via her YouTube Channel below.

Pink Showgirl
Camilla uses her signature prop to give the audience a little love in the form of glittery kisses and feathery hugs. Love From Camilla xo
(5 and a half minutes in length)
1940s Blue Classic with Boa
Channeling the silver screen sirens of Hollywood's past, Camilla gives you a taste of old world charm and classic burlesque with a huge feather boa.
(3 and a half minutes in length)
Silver Noir Burlesque Fans Act
Camilla Cream enters the room as a femme fatale in silky black and shimmery silver. Using her giant waterfall feather fans, she lures the audience into her dark secret plot…who will survive her charms?
(just over 3 minutes in length)
60s RocknRoll
Raised on music of the 60s, Camilla is ready to stick it to the man with her waterfall fans in a tribute to life and truth at a time of confusion and war. People say she’s a dove mixed with a fox, ya dig? Get ready to see her more foxy side…
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Camilla Has her on YouTube Channel! Check out the video clips below and click the button to subscribe.  You will see new content added regularly:

Platinum Honey

Camilla is also one half of Platinum Honey - a high energy, hard hitting commercial burlesque/dance duo with Lord Lovat.

See more about Platinum Honey  and their performances on the Facebook Page and Instagram account.

Slay the world with Platinum Honey!

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