Mentor and Coaching Reviews

Letitia Stitch (Burlesque Performer, Adelaide, Australia)

I can’t speak highly enough of Camilla Cream as a mentor and all round delightful person. I recently had a coaching session/conversation with her in regards to my burlesque goals.  Upon arrival I was pleasantly surprised to see that she had already watched videos of my previous performances online and had prepared a page of incredibly helpful notes.  She actively listened to my goals, motivations, and performance intentions and suggested relevant material, research, and methods that I could adapt to make my performance styles more dynamic.

Kelly McLoughlin (Comedian & Producer, Melbourne, Australia)

ABSOLUTELY! Yes, I'd definitely recommend Coaching by Camila to my peers. The world of SM marketing/brand building can be a bit big to get one's head around, so it was great to have the personal touch.  Camilla lasers in on The Next Steps and I was able to put things into action right away. Yes, I know, Camilla Cream tht I need to have more content mixed in with the calls to action, but that just shows I was paying attention. Great tips, great pricing, great teacher.​

Precious Metal (Burlesque Performer, Melbourne, Australia/Canada)

Camilla's coaching sessions is a must for any performer, established or new to help get their Social media off the ground of even for those who just need a boost in their online confidence.​ Camilla is professional and kind.  I found her just looking at my online presence and discussing with me what works and what doesn't and what can be done to help boost things was the kick I needed.  I would recommend Camilla's coaching to any performer whether you have been performing for 10 years or 10 weeks


Camilla was amazing at giving me fresh ideas and different ways of thinking outside the box in ways to promote my band! She gave practical and relevant suggestions with ways to increase and engage a social media following while giving ideas on ways to produce regular content that is engaging and not too difficult to action. Working on colours to branding, Camilla really knows how to make your product eye catching and the results are evident!

-Julian Zuliani (Drummer, Melbourne, Australia)

Vermillion Rose (Burlesque Performer, Tasmania, Australia)

I would like to thank Camilla Cream for helping me with my classic routine.

I live in Tasmania on the north west coast and I was working on a routine that I had performed in Hobart ( Burlesque after dark) I knew that I needed to refine and tweek the routine to use it as my traditional for Miss Burlesque Tasmania.

I messaged Camilla and asked her if she would mind having a look and if she could offer me some advice and guidance, Camilla was more than happy to help. 

Camilla gave me a few great points to help me grow and polish my routine there were things that I had over looked and and a few points that I can use in all my routines.

Doing things remotely  is often hard and I appreciate the time that Camilla took to mentor me and for sharing her knowledge.

Thank you Camilla Cream I can't wait for you to see what I have done to the routine now.

Ella Belles Burlesque/Drag Performer, Melbourne, Australia)

My session Camilla was invaluable! I went to her as I am trying to start a career in burlesque and create my first number, and I feel so blessed that she was there to help. She is so incredibly generous with sharing her time, knowledge and experience, and there wasn’t a question she couldn’t answer.Our session was a wonderful mix where we discussed my ideas, and also went through some practical tools and advice that I can use to create, and strengthen my act.She is also just a delightful person to be around -  can’t recommend Camilla as a mentor enough!

Velvet Butterfly (Burlesque Performer, Tasmania, Australia)

Being a newbie to Burlesque and never having choreographed a routine before, I was nervous for my session, but I needn't have worried as Camilla was warm, friendly and showed genuine enthusiasm for what I had created.Together we brainstormed and trialed ideas and I felt listened to and supported during the whole process. We also discussed costuming and set and all the other bits and pieces that can make or break a routine.This was invaluable advice for me.  The half-hour session flew by and I walked away feeling confident with what we had put together and excited to continue to develop the routine.I really look forward to continuing to work with Camilla in the future.

Just finished an invaluable hour of coaching with Camilla Cream from The Profitable Performer.
Fellow burlesque babes, I can't recommend her time enough if you want to bigger and better yourself as a performer

- Svetka the Salacious (Burlesque Performer, Melbourne, Australia)

Camilla is great! This whole program has helped me a lot from my social media, myself as a performer, costumes, routines and loads more! If you're someone like myself who is just jumping into the scene she is extremely helpful and all her lil tips and tricks are absolutely phenomenal! Xo​

- Lil Miss Mini (Burlesque Performer and Pinup, NSW, Australia)

Camilla was extremely informative and so much was covered in a short time. She sure knows her stuff. It was clear she planned our session and tailored it to my needs. Highly recommend.

- Delza Skye (Burlesque Performer, Perth, Australia)