Performer Reviews

Georgina Smerd, Glam Adelaide (2017)

Closing the show (for a very good reason) was the blonde bombshell, Melbourne performer Camilla Cream. She sure does know how to work the stage and had the audience totally in awe of her feather-fan twirling abilities. She really did finish the show with a bang! She can also sing like there’s no tomorrow, belting out a cabaret favourite, All That Jazz earlier in the show.

Georgina Tselekidis - The Adelaidian (2017)

One of the highlights of the evening from Sunday’s show was Camilla Cream, who got the crowd going to All That Jazz from the Chicago soundtrack. As she stepped onto the stage in her revealing bright red glitter dress and stark blonde bob, her strong vocals filled the room, as did her dynamic stage presence. She then braced us once more in a final act, with large white feather fans and embellished shimmering lingerie, reminiscent of the Burlesque diva we all know so well – Dita Von Teese (but with blonde hair).

Pyra Teknix (Producer and Performer, Sunshine Coast)

The minute I saw Camilla Cream perform I knew I wanted her on my stage! As co-producer of Big Bang Burlesque on the Sunshine Coast I have now booked her not once, not twice, but three times and am patiently awaiting her fourth appearance in QLD!!! Her costumes, choreography and professionalism are second to none.


Alyssa Baker - Good Vibes Melbourne (2017)

The 'Nerdlesque' started out with a stunning and talented piece by Camilla Cream, who has undoubtedly left us all with some interesting feelings about Sesame Street.  Her performance set the tone for the evening; nothing is off limits, and this unique style of entertainment and showmanship will have you on the edge of your seat.

Tayissa - Tay Around Town Blog (2017)

….she sent feathers flying and hearts fluttering. Letters relating to this performance are the letter O, M and G! I could use the entire alphabet to describe how much I enjoyed this performance, however I’ll leave it at Amazingly Brilliant and Clever.

Jazida (Producer and Performer, Canberra)

Camilla Cream is a natural born performer! I had the honour of hosting her to perform at my production in Canberra and she absolutely stole the show - engaging with the audience and owning the stage - a true star!!!
I also facilitated a group workshop where she taught on fan dancing and I loved it! Camilla was able to breakdown complicated movements in order to teach a fun and varied choreography in a laid back and inclusive environment where we all had a good time!