Interview with the playfully personable Petra Fire

As the weather warms, Melbournians dream of seeing family and friends soon (I'm crossing everything I possibly can cross)! Performers start to set goals again for the year 2021 and online shows seem to be slowing in preparation for getting back to live stages and theatres again. As we can't meet up in person just yet, I chatted with the ever so lovely Petra Fire about all things performance! From her journey so far to studies in dance movement therapy, coping with covid restrictions and more! Links to Petra's socials and classes are at the end of the interview - enjoy!

1. Everyone's journey to becoming a performer is different, what's your story? When did you start performing burlesque? 

I began my journey in 2016 at Maison Burlesque doing group performances, I was hooked and it was refreshing to see all ages, body types, sharing a stage together and having fun! Burlesque had such a huge influence on me that the confidence I acquired- inspired me to audition for a full time dance school. In the audition, since I did not have much of a ‘standard dance background anymore’ I arrived in a glittery halter top, 3/4 pants, and a matching scrunchie with my hair out, while everyone was in leotards and mostly had their hair in a bun. How’s that for symbolism.

Anyway, when I began I had no plans to become a solo performer but all of the support and inspiration I had from my burlesque journey mixed with the knowledge I gained in full time dance training inspired me to take the leap and debut in late 2018 and here we are!

2. You have such great energy when you are on stage,  what styles of performance do you do? Which one is your favourite to perform?

Awww thank you! I have performed in many styles such as belly dancing, hip hop, jazz and tap. I don’t have a favourite, each style brings new challenges and strengths for me!

3. Artists are inspired by many things, what inspires you to create something new?

Music is what really drives me to create something new. I also need to have a personal connection to the music choice- eg- just absolutely loving a song or connecting to lyrics! I believe that’s important. I want to bring the song to