Interview with the vastly-talented Valentina!

Earlier during lockdown I had the pleasure of chatting with the lovely and wildly talented Valentina who told me all about her journey as a performer, competitions, life in isolation, past producing projects and future goals. Enjoy!

Let's dive straight in, you have been a dancer for a long time, when did you start performing?

I was 4 when I first started ballet lessons (I was supposed to be 5 but I went to watch a class and ended up joining in). I was 7 when I first went onstage, as a snowflake in The Nutcracker! I think I was 20 for my first paid performance.

I know you do more than ballet. What styles of performance do you do? Which is your favourite to perform?

My training is in ballet and contemporary, but I do all kinds - jazz, commercial, lyrical, showgirl, samba, and a lot of Bollywood! I honestly don't have a favourite, I enjoy the variety of performing many different styles.

I've seen lots of photos from your overseas contracts in vegas showgirl costumes to bollywood and circus - it looks like it was a hoot! What is the most challenging thing about travelling for performing? Conversely, what is the most rewarding?

Sometimes it's quite intense living and spending all your time with the people you work with every day, and circus accommodation often leaves a lot to be desired! The most rewarding thing is getting paid to do what you love, meeting amazing people and travelling to corners of the world you might not otherwise see.