Through the Profitable Performer, Camilla offers monthly specials with coaching sessions and products so that you can get what you need at a great price (and can spend that extra cash on studio time, rhinestones, or that avo on toast you've been craving!)

Read more about each special Camilla has on offer for this month below.



This month's coaching special is:
A 40 min targeted coaching session for $40!!

40 for 40 special!

Lockdown is being lifted and the gigs are coming back, so are the audiences, but are you ready to get your name out there online? Social media is the way of the world, and honestly, how performers get a lot of their gigs.  Level up with a discounted coaching session with the Profitable Performer and get noticed online!

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(remember this is a limited time offer)




This month's product special is:
Buy a Kickstarter eBook and get a Cheat Sheet FREE!

The Kickstarter eBooks highlight a few of the important topics to cover when considering your brand identity or marketing strategy as a performer, including activities to set you on the right path towards success! 
Kickstarter 1: Building Your Brand – finding your uniqueness as a performer
Kickstarter 2: Boosting your Persona – getting comfortable with social media for promotion

Cheat sheets are designed for performers to get some quick and easy information about social media that you can put into practise immediately and get results! Each cheat sheet hones in on a really specific topic with all the info you need to get started and see a positive change on your socials.
Cheat Sheet 1: Social Media Account
Cheat Sheet 2: Creating Content



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