Camilla Cream is not only a performer, but a renowned producer of burlesque and cabaret shows!

She currently produces two shows that run on a semi-regular basis in Melbourne, Australia.

To book a show for your event, please contact Camilla via the contact page or on email with the subject "Show for Private Event"

Le Grande Cabaret

A saucy burlesque show which showcases all facets of burlesque including boylesque. Traditionally in two-havles featuring a dichotomy of classic light and hilarious neo to dark noir and sinful acts!

Click the Le Grande Cabaret button to head to the Facebook page for more information about show dates and performers.

Burlesque Bandstand



Combining various genres of live music with the sensual moves of burlesque in one toe-tapping show! Launching in Melbourne in March 2020.

Click the button below to head to the

Facebook page for more information about show dates and performers.

Tequila Tease

A Friday night party like no other!
Sit back, relax and unwind with some of Australia's most loved and accomplished burlesque performers as they tease and tantalise, whilst you indulge in delicious drinks and food from a specialised menu.

Tease and Tequila - a match made in heaven!

This show is a co-produced show by Platinum Honey: one half Camilla Cream and one half Lord Lovat.

Tequila Tease shows have now ceased, but we would like to thank everyone that came to a show, shared a drink and had a great Friday night with us!

The Shimmy Showgirl Collective

Camilla is a founder, director and producer of The Shimmy Showgirl Collective. 
A Melbourne-based team of experienced female producers created to support each other in the arts, as well as performers of all backgrounds.

To see more about The Collective and their shows, on the Facebook Page below or visit the website:

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