The Sugar Showgirls

The Sugar Showgirls are a burlesque, cabaret and dance troupe based in Naarm/Melbourne, Australia.
Fusing together a thrillingly tasty combination of classic burlesque, sultry cabaret, dance and whimsically silly neo burlesque, the troupe entertain sophisticated audiences across the country.

The Sugar Showgirls strive to create vibrant, high calibre classic/neo burlesque based works to entertain a mature, refined audience and introduce them into the world of burlesque. This sweet troupe has a focus on creating a glamorous vintage Hollywood environment through a lively range of dance styles, storytelling, costume, music and movement.


The Sugar Showgirls will have you on the edge of your seat cheering for more candy!


Introducing The Sugar Showgirls (comprising of award-winning Melbourne burlesque performers):
Camilla Cream (the sweet one)
Liberty Foxx (the silly one)
Nellie Noble (the sexy one)

Stella Del Lure (the sassy one)

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Featured YouTube Video: 'Whisky Showgirl Act'

You may be wondering - What is burlesque?

Burlesque is a fabulously sparkly and fun form of entertainment.

It was made popular in the 1800s, and has changed, grown and evolved over time to be the quirky, sparkly and theatrical form of entertainment it is today!

Originally, the word 'burlesque' means to mock or parody. Clubs and vaudeville theatres in the 1800s right through to the 1940s had raunchy variety shows where performers would parody political personalities and stereotypical characters.

In the ‘Golden Era’ of burlesque (circa 1930s-1960s) women in stunning costumes and beautiful props would elegantly use ‘striptease’ as their mode of entertainment. A great deal of what people know today about burlesque stems from this period of time.

Neo-burlesque burst onto the scene in the 1990’s across the globe as a new movement burlesque. It generally involved ‘striptease’, however it also included so many other elements such as: slapstick comedy, circus tricks, cabaret, characters and storytelling and so much more!

We hope that gave you a little insight into what burlesque is. But we think the best way to experience it is to come along to a show. Check out the Upcoming Shows/Events tab for a show near you!

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The Sugar Showgirls have a profile on StarNow where you can book them for jobs on a wide range of gigs such as roving entertainment, corporate entertainment, background actors/extras, photoshoots, filmography and more.

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The Sugar Showgirls were interviewed by Jayden Byrne for The Creator's Process YouTube Channel in March 2022.  Check out the clip below to hear about our troupe and how we create things as The Sugar Showgirls!