The Profitable Performer Program

My 5-Day Challenge "How to survive COVID19 and be the first in line to get the gigs (not just the TP" starts on the is stilll in the group!
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I am giving away more knowledge and expertise than I have ever before! 
Learn the tricks of the trade to get you in the forefront of producer's minds when events are back up and running again!

The Profitable Performer Group (on Facebook) is a tight knit group of artists who are serious and ready to learn the skills to develop their marketing and business understanding, and build their arts career.
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The Profitable Performer Program is for performers who are wanting to build confidence in their marketing and business skills to get more gigs and earn more money doing what they love – performing!
Newly established, and sometimes established, performers often find themselves struggling for their next gig and spend most of the time hustling with little to no response (I know, I’ve been there too).
My mission is simple: Learn the Marketing and Business hacks you need to get more gigs and have producers coming to you. Because if you are like me, you didn’t learn this in your dance classes, you find it tricky to see what’s happening behind the scenes and you're just not sure about marketing yourself as an artist.

I want to see you get more work and build your performer career with an easy to follow blueprint to get you there.

I am here to help you do exactly that with...
The Profitable Performer Plan:
1: Building Your Brand – Who are you as a performer?
2: Boosting your Persona – Getting the word out.
3: Business Skills – learning all the BTS skills to make money.

Let's level up together to develop our marketing and business skills to get more gigs!

Use the website chat bot, contact page or email me with the subject "PPP" and let's get started!

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